Full-Color Sublimation

Rapid Expressions has been printing customized apparel in the Greater St. Louis area since 1999. We are the top provider of Sublimation-dyed apparel for southern Illinois, and we specialize in both partial and full Sublimation.


While manual Screen Printing has been around for more than 1,000 years, Sublimation is a much more modern process that has only been widely used for the past few decades. If you’ve seen a full-color, highly detailed design on a shirt or jersey, it was probably printed using Sublimation.

Sublimation gets its name from the process: Without getting too scientific, Sublimation is when a solid (dry ink) encounters heat and pressure (a heat press) and becomes a gas, which is what dyes the garment.

Although Sublimation requires specialized equipment, the printing machine is similar to the inkjet printer in your office or home. This allows us to print completely custom designs in full color at near-photo quality on any knit polyester (dry-fit) garment. The only limit is your imagination, and we can help you create your design!

Our Process

Partial Sublimation involves printing a design onto a 13″ x 19″ piece of transfer paper, which is then pressed onto a white or light colored polyester (dry-fit) garment. This is usually a full-color team logo on the front with names and numbers on the back. All designs are digitally printed, so there are no extra charges for extra colors or standard customizations. Orders are usually completed in 1-2 weeks, and there is no minimum purchase.

Full Sublimation involves printing on the entire garment, usually a jersey or hoodie. This is accomplished by printing directly onto the large spool of polyester (dry-fit) material before the item is cut and assembled. The process is more difficult and time-consuming, but it also allows for complete customization and is the best option for detailed designs and dark background colors. This can take 3-4 weeks to complete the order, and there is a minimum of 10 pieces.

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