Online Stores

Coming up with an idea for a t-shirt or your team’s apparel can be pretty easy, but actually coordinating the order can be a different story. From gauging interest to getting quantities and sizes to tracking down the teammates or coworkers who never seem to find their wallet… we get it.

That’s why we offer customized online stores for medium to large orders. Instead of making you keep track of who wants how many of which design and it what size, we’ll set up an online portal where your friends, teammates, parents, or whoever can place their own order just like if they were purchasing the item from a major online retailer.


•  Offer multiple color and design options at the same time
•  See a digital mock up of the items before purchasing
•  Shareable link works great for schools, tournaments, championships, and other orders with dozens or hundreds of potential customers
•  Custom URL available for large orders and/or long-term offerings
•  Everyone pays for their own items at checkout – no handling cash, and no tracking down unpaid dues!
•  Group delivery available, or have individuals pick up their items from our production facility

See an example of our online ordering at To get started, call us at 618-641-9666 or email